Three new rooms carved out in 2019!

70 meters into the ice

7000 years back in time

Learn about nature, wildlife and humans living in the highlands. Experience thawing permafrost, melting snow fields and 375 square meters of a sculptured ice tunnel. Discover the sensational Secrets of the Ice: Artifacts surfacing from the melting ice.



In short

The climate park lets you experience the unique nature and hunting traditions on the snow drifts in Jotunheimen National Park. A knowledgeable guide will teach you about thawing permafrost, polygon landscape, wildlife and fauna on your way to the highlight: The 375 square meter big ice tunnel in Juvfonne. More than 700 ancient artefacts have emerged from the melting ice around this snow drift. Some of them are exhibited in the ice tunnel.



Daily guiding

Guided tours three times a day in high season, and twice a day from end of June to end of August. Weekens on request in September. Get your ticket on the website, Norsk fjellsenter or at Juvasshytta. For groups, please contact us. The tours starts at Juvasshytta. Bring warm clothes! This is an outdoors experience.


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Three new rooms

During spring 2019 three new rooms were carved out in the ice tunnel - now measuring 375 square meters! The rooms were shaped and light set by the artist Peder Istad, and are called The Diamond, The Climate Archive and The Globe. A solar panel and a wind turbin makes the tunnel self-supplied with energy.

Foto- Kristoffer Mæle Thuestad-1

Norwegian Mountain Center

Get tips for your mountain hike and visit the brand nex exhibition at the Norwegian Mountain Center. The center is situated in the town Lom, and you are given 50 % discount on the entrance ticket if you have already bought a ticket for the climate park. Read more? Visit

KOPIHestekranie av en hingst fra Lendbreen i Breheimen. Trolig omlag 1000 +Ñr gammel. Med arkeolog Elling Utvik Wammer. -® Oppland fylkeskommune, Det brearkeologiske sikringsprogram

Glacier archaeology

Did you know that more than 2000 artefacts melted out of the ice patches in the Oppland region the last years? Follow the glacier archeologists on

Galdhøpiggen Juvasshytta


Combine your visit in the climate park with a day hike to the highest peak in Norway, Galdhøpiggen. From the mountain lodge Juvasshytta there are guided hikes across the Styggebreen glacier to Galdhøpiggen every day the whole summer. The hike takes appr. 6 hours. On days with fine weather the view from the top is stunning! If you want to hire your own guide, you can find recommended guides here:


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