Combine your guided tour in the climate park with a hike to Galdhøpiggen, 2469 meters above sea level!

Want to stand on the top of Norway this summer? Hike to the highest mountain in Norway, Galdhøpiggen one day and visit the climate park the next. From the mountain lodge Juvasshytta the hike to the peak is crossing the Styggebreen glacier.

Through the summer many hikers visit Galdhøpiggen. Days with nice weather gives you a view to the rest of Jotunheimen. A hike from Juvasshytta to Galdhøpiggen is feasible for many, but remember it takes a day and the weather may change quickly. Use shoes, clothes and other equipment suitable for a day in the mountains. Most people follows a guide from Juvasshytta, but you may also hike from Spiterstulen. Then you don’t have to cross the glacier. Every day during the summer guides takes people to the top from Juvasshytta. You may also contact an activity company, for example Fyrst og Fremst or Aktiv i Lom.

About the hike to Galdhøpiggen from Juvasshytta

From the mountain lodge to the glacier the walk takes almost an hour. When the glacier is to be crossed it is important to follow a glacier guide or a person with good knowledge about glaciers and suitable equipment. Already from the glacier you can see the top of Galdhøpiggen if the weather conditions are good. Crossing the glacier takes an hour, before the last part to the top goes thorugh a some places steep scree. The hike from Juvasshytta to Galdhøpiggen takes 6-7 hours, and the distance is approximately 15 kilometers. Finally on the top of the highest mountain in Norway you can, on good weather days, enjoy a remarkable view to the rest of Jotunheimen national park!

Safety on the glacier

The Styggebreen glacier may appear harmless, but this is a snow glacier and deep cracks are hidden under the snow. It is not safe to cross the glacier without safety equipment and with an experiences glacier guide.

Hiking to Galdhøpiggen. Photo: Foto: Kari Sveen